Impol manufactures hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets. Standard format sheets as well as sheets with dimensions and tolerances fully customised to the customer’s wishes and needs are offered. Mill finish surfaces are provided by cold-rolled sheets that can be coated with paper or various types of foils, including foils that can be subject to laser cutting. Embossed surfaces are also available.

Technological knowledge facilitates attaining standard as well as purely specific properties and qualities of hot-rolled plates and cold-rolled sheets by combining their chemical composition and applying controlled hot and cold working. Impol continuously develops new products and improves the properties of existing ones in cooperation with cold-rolled sheet and hot-rolled plate users.


Sheets are manufactured from selected 1000, 3000 and 5000 series alloys, whereas hot-rolled plates on the other hand also from 6000 series alloys. A detailed list can be obtained from our sales team.

All alloys share the following properties:

  • 1000 series alloys are distinguished by their corrosion resistance, good formability, weldability and conductivity.
  • 3000 series alloys are distinguished by their excellent resistance to atmospheric and chemical agents, higher mechanical properties than pure aluminium and good formability.
  • 5000 series alloys are recognized by their moderate to high strength, excellent chemical durability, very good formability and good polishability.

Soft, quarter-hard, half-hard, three-quarter-hard, hard and full hard tempers can be provided. Deep drawing formability is available by certain alloy and state combinations.

Sheet surface can be subject to mill finish, coloured or embossed with various patterns. Hot-rolled plate surface is subject to mill finish.

Cold-rolled sheet properties:

Hot-rolled plate properties:

Sheet and hot-rolled plate technological manufacturing process

Sheets are manufactured from rolling slabs subject to hot rolling to the prescribed thickness. Cooling thereof is followed by cold rolling supported by additional operations such as in-process annealing and trimming. Cold rolling until the final thickness is attained is followed by tension levelling, surface embossing, final annealing, colouring and cutting. All these operations combined provide for the desired final sheet shape, prescribed dimensions and quality.

Hot-rolled plates are hot-rolled from rolling slabs, then cut and cooled. Subject to the customer’s requirements, the edges can also be trimmed.

Compliance with international standards

    • EN 573-3 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Chemical composition and form of wrought products – Part 3: Chemical composition and form of products
    • EN 485-2 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate - Part 2: Mechanical properties
    • EN 485-3 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate - Part 3: Tolerances on dimensions and form for hot-rolled products
    • EN 485-4 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Sheet, strip and plate - Part 4: Tolerances on shape and dimensions for cold-rolled products

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