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Own foundry
Modernised heart of the company with the environment in mind

Using state-of-the-art equipment and by continuously modernising and increasing our casting capacities we are following quality requirements of top clients. With our extensive metallurgical knowledge, which we are constantly upgrading since the inception of our company, we have developed numerous alloys which we semi-continuously cast in billets and rolling slabs and cast bars. Currently, we have more than 230 various chemical compositions in our casting programme, and the number is growing each year.

But also cleaner

Our foundries operate at three locations – in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. The total capacity of our cast products exceeds 260,000 tonnes of our annual production. With numerous investments in modern technology we are increasing the share of processing secondary aluminium and thus decreasing the negative impact on the environment. Our foundry lines are modern and digitalised and enable full traceability of the produced material and a comprehensive management of process parameters.

Comes first

After the foundry casting and homogenisation processes on billets have been completed, they are also 100% controlled by means of an ultrasonic device that facilitates ultrasonic control of billets in compliance with the AMS MIL-STD-2154, Class B and A, and ASTM B594, Class B and A, standards.

In the years to come, the company will mainly increase the wide coil foundry casting capacity and modernise as well as increase its homogenisation capacities.