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Caring for people

A positive working environment is a prerequisite for quality work. We are aware of this, this is why we respect our employees and moderately reward them. We introduced many options for further training, organized events, and opportunities to network and transfer knowledge. Our attitude toward employees reflects responsibility, fairness, and awareness of the significance of development, which makes us one of the top employers on a regional and national scale.

The values we promote are also reflected in the quality of our work. For this reason, we remain and are becoming even more competitive, adaptable, innovative, quality-oriented, and progressive.


Our competitive advantages stem from the knowledge and competencies of our employees.

Great attention is given to on-the-job and functional training, allowing our employees to master new and advanced technologies. At the beginning of the year, an educational and training program is drawn up for every single employee on the basis of foreseen needs, whereby we seek to take into account the wishes of each individual in question to the greatest extent possible.

In this manner, we are constantly raising the educational structure of our personnel (metallurgy studies, mechanical engineering training, acquiring the Machine Operator NVQ, etc.). Impol has also been awarded by the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education for its personnel training achievements.


For a company to function and develop, communication and awareness are a prerequisite. The operation policy of the Impol Group is relayed to all stakeholders through established communication channels. In this manner, we can establish transparency and build additional confidence in our work.

Awareness and communication channels.

Training, workshops, company meetings, sessions of the works council, trade union, “Metalurg” magazine, “Metalurgov poročevalec” magazine, notice boards, displays, website, and Facebook profile.

Clients, suppliers
Website, supplier portal, annual report, semi-annual report, SEOnet, newspaper publications.

Investors, banks
Website, annual report, semi-annual report, SEOnet, newspaper publications.

Website, annual report, semi-annual report, SEOnet, newspaper publications, “Metalurg” magazine, Facebook profile, General Assembly.

Local community, media
Press releases, website, annual report, semi-annual report, SEOnet, newspaper publications, “Metalurg” magazine, and Facebook.