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Contributing to shaping the future of our planet

The first ecological project at IMPOL was completed already in 1984. This clearly shows that we have been conscious about the environment for decades. During the last three decades, technological improvements have facilitated successful completion of various projects that have significantly reduced environmental impacts. Our innovative approach to developing technologies is being constantly integrated with sustainable guidelines. In this manner we can operate in harmony with nature and not to its detriment. We select environmentally-friendly solutions and expect the same level of environmental awareness from our suppliers and partners.

ISO 14001 certificate

Our commitment to protect the environment is also attested by the ISO 14001 standard acquired in 2000.

Impol’s “green revolution”

Impol’s operations are focused on reusing products. The result of this are ecological products from recycled materials for the manufacture of which less energy is used, thus increasing efficiency.

  • reducing waste
  • preserving natural resources
  • reducing pollution


The recycling process is included in all activities. All the waste aluminium produced in the foundry is processed. The rest of the waste generated during our activities is also managed in a responsible manner. Waste is handed over to authorised processors or collectors. We will continue focusing on selling products made from secondary raw material.

Interesting facts about aluminium recycling

  • Recycled aluminium does not lose its excellent properties.
  • It requires only 5% of the energy used to produce the same amount of primary aluminium.
  • Today, a recycled can is returned to shop shelves in merely 60 days.
  • Impol is reinforcing its recycling technology
  • In 2013, Impol completed its investment in a new foundry valued at over 15 million, thereby increasing the proportion of melting waste aluminium.