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Continuous investments in development are the only way to gain and retain supremacy.

Over the last ten years, more than EUR 365 million has been spent on development projects, thus modernizing production equipment, expanding production capacities, improving our products’ quality, and mastering the production processes of demanding products.

Impol is currently investing in: 

  • Setting up a new extrusion line that would expand the production capacities and comply with the strictest quality standards.
  • Erecting a new coloring line that facilitates the production of seamless colored sheets and coils, not only from aluminium but also from steel.
  • Expanding our casting capacities by 40%. This project has improved our self-sufficient supply with input raw material, increased the aluminium reprocessing share, reduced negative environmental impacts, and increased our competitive advantage.

Henceforth, Impol also intends to promote development and focus on programs where a higher added value can be achieved, competitive advantage can be improved, and the position of the best producer preserved. To this end, the company has adopted a new investment plan with more than EUR 100 million in development investments foreseen during the next five years.