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From an aluminium alloy of the highest quality to the most demanding product processing

Impol – a reliable partner in the market of finalized products

We offer further processing of aluminium products on CNC machines (turning, milling, drilling …)

Area of applications

  • Battery housing systems,
  • Chassis systems,
  • Crash management systems,
  • Motorcycle components,
  • Machined tubes

A professional team offers a comprehensive support in finding the right solution for your products:

  • In-depth understanding of the industry trends and customer requirements and expectations,
  • High customer orientation,
  • Business and technical competence within the team,
  • Producing a product with a focus on:
    • minimum production resources,
    • cost efficiency,
    • high quality.


Production posibilities

Aluminium Alloys

6XXX EN AW-6005, EN AW-6005A, EN AW-6005B, EN AW-6008, EN AW-6023, EN AW-6026, EN AW-6060, EN AW-6061, EN AW-6063, EN AW-6082, EN AW-6101, EN AW-6101A, EN AW-6101B, EN AW-6056, EN AW-6082, EN AW-6110A, EN AW-6182, EN AW-6262A

7XXX EN AW-7003, EN AW-7010, EN AW-7020, EN AW-7021, EN AW-7022, EN AW-7049A, EN AW-7050, EN AW-7075, EN AW-7175

Production equipment


  • 5 CNC lathes

Milling / Drilling

  • 11 horizontal CNC machining centers


  • 2 automated sawing lines


  • 4 washing lines

Passivation process

Fully automated project-specific lines

Fully automated robot manipulation


  • 6 deburring stations

Cold forming

  • Custom-made machine for pipe forming

Measuring equipment

  • CMM Measurement,
  • clean room (cleanliness VDA19),
  • microscopies
  • spectrometers
  • penetrant testers
  • hardness testers

Profiles production process

 Aluminium Alloys

  • 6XXX
  • 7XXX

Products dimensions of all kind bars type:

Length:  ~ 10 mm – 900 mm

Max. Diameter of input billet: 282 mm


  • machining
  • turning
  • sawing
  • surface treatment
  • passivation
  • anodization

Forging production process

 Aluminium alloys

  • 2XXX (EN AW-2014, -2017, -2618)
  • 6XXX (EN AW-6005, -6026, -6056, -6060, 6061, 6082, 6082S, 6082M, 6182)
  • 7XXX (EN AW-7005, -7010, -7020, -7022, -7055, -7075)

Products weight and dimensions:

  • Weight: ~ 50g – 500g
  • Length: ~ 25 mm – 800 mm