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Excellence in actions. Looking forward.

Converting aluminium into products of the highest quality is what our identity leans on. Our name, however, reflects many more other qualities. Flexibility. Innovation. Sustainable orientation. Customer support. Growth and development. Caring for people and the environment. All of the above contribute to creating the label of quality of Impol. Our vision is to keep increasing the volume of processing and finishing aluminium products and at the same time we wish to create an excellent working environment, to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment, to positively contribute to the development of the local community, to flexibly meet the changing needs of the market and to provide continuous support to our customers. By listening to the needs of our clients we wish to develop, grow, acquire new knowledge and introduce the latest technology in the field of aluminium processing.

Values of excellence


We draw inspiration for development from the needs of customers and the changing market conditions. We are aware that knowledge is what drives progress, for this reason we invest in development, innovation and training of our employees.


Trustworthy quality is the consequence of the cooperation of competent teams and individuals within the company. We carry out constant checks of our products by applying strict quality standards. In this manner we can build long-term trust and loyalty.


The increase of working capacities, responsiveness to the needs of customers and the innovation of working processes enable us to quickly adapt and satisfy even the most particular needs of our customers.


We ensure quality, generate ideas and implement sales activities with environmentally-friendly production processes.



We are aware that our operations have an impact on the environment, our employees and the local community. Consequently, we follow strict environmental standards, introduce technologies aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, create fair and stimulating working conditions and observe high ethical norms.