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High-quality aluminum alloys for the aerospace industry

Flying on the wings of exceptional properties.

There is little room for compromises in the aeronautical and aerospace industry. Aluminum’s properties prove its value even where standards are the strictest. Light weight and high durability are properties that speak in favor of aluminium use.

As a long-standing and established producer of aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry, we meet the industry’s highest standards and quality requirements. All the appropriate material production and quality control procedures have been developed for this very purpose. In addition to 2xxx and 6xxx alloy groups, we also supply 7xxx alloy groups – in tempers required by the aerospace industry. In this manner, we achieve an additional hardness of aluminium.

Main advantages of aluminium

lower emissions
reduced energy consumption
light weight
corrosion resistant
easy maintenance and repair


Aluminium represents more than 60% of the structural weight of the Airbus A380 and up to 80% of short-range and mid-range airplanes.

Impol manufactures various parts for civil airplanes.

Our reputation has spread into space

Impol, the co-founder of The Centre of Excellence Space-SI, cooperates intensely with the center’s partners. The company provides the Centre with aluminium alloys and parts that can sustain extreme vibrations when satellites are launched into space, as well as thermal stress and radiation in space. Impol’s technologically advanced materials thus form parts of micro- and nanosatellite housings and individual components of these satellites, such as the X-Band Transmitter and the Star Tracker.