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Aluminum as the perfect solution for the food industry

A sustainable solution

The food industry involves many packing requirements, in particular, the purpose of packaging is to extend the shelf-life of food, protect food from external influences and enable transport/storage. In all the challenges we are facing, aluminium has proved time and time again to be an ideal material of incredible properties.

Aluminium’s excellent utilisation options in household products, such as kitchenware, refrigerators, coffeemakers and other kitchen equipment. It can also be used for food storage purposes in the form of cans, containers, trays, tubes, wraps and many others.

Due to the high quality of the products in the food industry, Impol has been increasing its market share and introducing new solutions of aluminium use. State-of-the-art technology and high standards are the basic principles of progress and the assurance that aluminium as a material of the food industry still has extraordinary potential.

Advantages of aluminium

Corrosion resistant
Environmentally friendly
Thin and light
Thermally conductive
Infinite recycling
Mechanically resistant