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Connected to responsibility

For centuries, Impol has been directly connected to the local environment, which also imposes the responsibility of good conduct and commitment to act according to best practices. We are aware of the significance of the development of the company for the local community, for this reason we make business decisions so as to give back to the community with the highest possible degree of positive effects.

  • We regularly reduce the negative impacts on the environment and we are particularly focused on continuously reducing noise.
  • We make development-related investments and increase the number of posts available.
  • We organise open days, thus enabling the public concerned to view our premises.
  • We regularly inform the local public about important events, investments and business strategy.
  • We also sponsor local events that go hand in hand with our sponsorship strategy; we decide on the basis of criteria related to professionalism, seriousness, and importance of the event for the development of the local environment.

We sponsor sports associations, the best-known among which being the Impol Judo Club that is resoundingly successful on the national and international level.