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New transportation dimensions

Aluminium as the material of the future has become an indispensable part of the transport industry due to its extraordinary properties. With an enviable ratio between weight and durability, it successfully meets one of the main requirements of the industry.

Rail, road, and maritime transport seek to attain the maximum load capacity at a minimum vehicle weight. The selection of right and light materials, such as aluminium alloys, contributes significantly to the achievement of this goal.

Impol has been further upgrading aluminium alloys using its sophisticated technology. The result are corrosion-resistant alloys that have proven effective in contact with sea water. Excellent mechanical properties, which improve the quality of transport of passengers or goods, also play a very important role in this.

Main advantages of aluminium

Increased income
Emission reduction
Reduced energy consumption
Completely harmless
Thin and light
Corrosion resistant
Easily repairable


Impol supplies products in the form of lorry upgrading tubes, pipes, rods and profiles intended to reduce weight and consequently facilitate greater payload, the longer service life of vehicles, and exceptionally good recycling afterward.


Impol manufactures alloys that have proven effective in contact with sea water. The company manufactures masts, booms and decorative readings. Ladders and descending stairs are also manufactured from our profiles, sections, tubes and pipes.