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With a view to tomorrow

On the path toward lighter, safer and faster cars with lower consumption.

Impol’s alloys play an important role in co-creating the future of the automotive industry. The excellent properties of aluminium alloys, their low weight, good mechanical properties, and cost-effective construction set the industry in the right direction of reducing vehicle weight – for a world of mobility with fewer greenhouse emissions and lower consumption of fossil fuels.

With a market share of over 30%, we belong to the very top of the alloy and aluminium rod production for dynamically loaded parts in the automotive industry. With adaptable above-standard solutions, which consider the requirements of customers and the process, our materials and products can be used for a multitude of applications. And the trust in our quality is reinforced by years of cooperation with numerous important producers in the industry.

of the entire Impol production
> 30%
share of the EU market
> 70
different alloys
> 200
chemical compositions

Why Impol?

Tailoring the composition and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys according to your needs.

Individual development of technology for the manufacture of products and alloys.

Cooperation in the research, manufacturing, and sales (adjusting to requirements and production processes).

The casting of alloys in our in-house casthouse.

Manufacture of semi-finished products by hot extrusion and cold drawing and forging.

Innovative technologies and solutions for better mechanical properties.

State-of-the-art research equipment and heterogeneity of the production processes.

Comprehensive technical support

Support with an excellent sales network.