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The goal of INDIGO project is the digitization of key business functions of large companies, taking part in the project, and the partial digitization of medium-sized and small companies. The project will be based on advanced technologies (setting up databases using big data based on the most advanced architectures (so-called Data Fabric), development of innovative solutions and implementation of business analytics, comprehensive process automation and introduction of machine learning, advanced analytics and the usage of augmented reality and virtual reality devices. The consortium partners will develop new, innovative technological solutions and digitize the production process of aluminium semi-finished products in the Impol Group foundry at Slovenska Bistrica. Through these activities, the project will significantly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the production of aluminium products and semi-finished products for further use in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food and construction industries. The existing digital products and services of 5 partner companies (SME) will be significantly upgraded, and the goal is to create at least 5 new digital products. As a result, the use of advanced digital technologies in all partner companies will also increase significantly.

The main costumer benefits of INDIGO: 

  • Development of new, green alloys and products with a low carbon footprint
  • Ensuring complete traceability of the production process
  • Digitised production processes and internal logistics
  • Increased focus on processing post-industrial scrap