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Progress as the organisation’s main driving force

New knowledge creates new technologies. New technologies generate innovative products. They enable us to meet the needs of our partners and customers. Through years, we have been confirming our reputation of reliable company with quality, flexibility and innovation, even when it comes to the most demanding industries.

Impol embedded the meaning of development and innovation into the company’s system itself. We develop our activity with the teamwork of our research group of experts and by using an interdisciplinary approach, thus comprehensively satisfying the needs of our customers. Our research group is registered with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

Research work in the company is applied to optimise processes, develop new technologies, manufacture new products and improve the quality of our work. Development work is carried out on the basis of research tasks conducted by our experts. A well-conceived and analytical approach to development has proved to be very efficient, since our current investment have achieved the desired results.