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Innovation and flexibility

The needs of customers dictate our development

The development and innovation of Impol is also reflected in the constant development of new types of alloys with which the company improves the thermal and mechanical properties of its products. Our development is dictated by the needs of customers, while at the same time we remain flexible due to large production capacities. The properties and quality of the newly developed products are regularly verified in the laboratory, therefore further ensuring that the expectations of customers are being met.


Our advantages

different alloys
different chemical compositions

Impol holds three patents

The patent pertaining to the manufacturing of aluminium foil from a continuously cast coil of 6 mm in thickness;
The patent pertaining to the manufacturing and application of various free-cutting aluminium alloys;
The patent No. SI 24911 A: a high-strength aluminium alloy of Al-Mg-Si, and its manufacturing method.