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We have acquired the ASI Performance Standard

Impol is following the principles of sustainable operation

The Impol Group is extremely proud to have acquired the ASI Performance Standard as the first Slovenian company. With this standard, we prove that we are a socially responsible company paying attention to the occupational health and safety of our employees, protecting the environment, and guaranteeing sustainable development. The standard serves as proof that we are reducing our environmental impact, promoting recycling practices, and reducing the use of energy products. In addition, we have also implemented certain mechanisms allowing us to constantly improve the sustainable operations of our company.


The process of acquiring the standard lasted for a year. The final phase consisted of a detailed examination of our processes, performed by certified evaluators. After a successful examination, we have received an official confirmation from the ASI Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, confirming the compatibility of the operations of the Impol Group with the principles set out in the ASI Performance Standard, on 31 August 2020.


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The ASI Association is an NGO bringing together companies which are active in the field of aluminium. Members of the association include providers of bauxite and alumina, manufacturers of primary aluminium and of semi-finished aluminium products (such as, for example, the Impol Group), and end users of semi-finished aluminium products (e.g. Apple, Daimler, etc.). In addition, the association is also a member of the civil initiative trying to restore environmental balance on degraded areas.

The mission of the association is to introduce requirements related to sustainable development and socially responsible operations into all companies which are a part of the processing chain, the purpose of which is to manufacture aluminium products.

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