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SA 8000: We’ve acquired a certificate for socially responsible business practices

We are pleased to announce that Impol has successfully and officially  acquired the international SA 8000 standard. This recognized standard represents a significant step in our efforts to ensure ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable business practices.

Developed by Social Accountability International (SAI), SA 8000 is the leading global standard for social responsibility and ethical corporate behavior. This standard requires companies to establish and maintain working conditions that respect human rights, ensure a safe and healthy work environment, and promote a culture of respect and equal opportunities for all employees.

Acquiring SA 8000 emphasizes our commitment to improving working conditions and the environment, strengthening relationships with employees and partners, and maintaining high ethical standards in all our business processes. Commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development is a key part of our business strategy and reflects our dedication not only to achieving business goals but also to contributing to a better world for our descendants.

At Impol, we understand that acquiring SA 8000 is only part of our journey in sustainable business. We are committed to continuous improvement and the implementation of SA 8000 principles in our daily operations. We believe that this significant achievement will positively impact our employees, customers, partners, and the community as a whole.

We thank all our colleagues who have enabled this important milestone for their dedication and responsible work. Together, we will continue to build a responsible and sustainable company that not only meets standards but exceeds them.

For more information on standards and certifications, click here >>.

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