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Update: information for business partners regarding coronavirus

Dear business partners,

We would like to inform you that the business operations of the Impol Group have not been affected by the Covid-19 disease and are running smoothly and without any particular issues. The government of the Republic of Slovenia is adopting measures to prevent the virus from spreading further; however, these measures do not represent particular obstacles to our operations.

With the intention of preventing the virus from spreading within our working environment, we have adopted the following measures:

  • We are measuring the body temperature of our employees on a daily basis.
  • Employees use means of protection (masks and disinfectants) when carrying out their work.
  • Only urgent business trips are carried out, meetings are being held via electronic conferences.
  • Visits at Impol are restricted only to urgent ones (buyers, curative repairs, realisation of undertaken investments).
  • Stricter rules apply to all visitors in order to prevent infections.
  • Employees whose may do so will work from home.
  • All internal meetings will be held with a restricted number of persons who will be asked to keep a safe distance from each other.
  • Lunch is organised in such a way that all safety measures are ensured with the intention of preventing the spread of the virus.

We are aware of our responsibility toward all business partners and we will keep doing everything in our power in order to ensure that our business operations continue to run smoothly. You will be informed in due time about all eventual changes.


Kind regards,

Andrej Kolmanič, Chief Executive Officer

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