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For a product that stands the test of time

The welding process starts with selecting the welding material. The quality and durability of the final product also depend on the quality of the selected material. Our welding materials are manufactured according to the drawing and scalping procedure that provides for a clean and bright wire surface and faultless quality of welded joints. The manufacturing process and final products are subject to strict control in our own laboratories.


The company manufactures:

  • welding and brazing wires,
  • welding and brazing rods,
  • metallisation wires,
  • upon agreement, also rods and wires of dimensions not listed in the prospectus.

Welding wires and rods are packaged in a plastic foil with an incorporated desiccant. A characteristic colour label in the packaging unit designates the quality and type of the welding material.


Our aluminium and aluminium alloy wire and rod products can be used for a wide range of purposes:

  • aluminium and aluminium alloy wires for screws, nails, rivets, small nails;
  • special aluminium wires for bent wire goods as well as for knitting needles;
  • wires for section roll forming and flattening;
  • special aluminium and aluminium alloy wires, suitable for polishing and anodising,  and intended for manufacturing decorative items, jewellery, etc.;
  • round and very strong round aluminium alloy wires developed for manufacturing zip-fasteners;
  • metallisation wires;
  • aluminium wires of various diameters (min. 0.25), in coils or spools for manufacturing screens, nettings and various knitted meshes;
  • special wires made of best quality aluminium alloys for manufacturing clips used for packaging tea in filter bags as well as clips used in the food and metal industries;
  • electro quality wires for lighting and electric conductors;
  • aluminium and aluminium alloy rods for antennas;
  • rectangular wire nettings for fences of various wire diameters and of various coil heights, lengths and sizes;
  • coiled barbed wire with varying distances between the barbs.

The company will advise you on and recommend the appropriate quality of wires for many other intended uses thereof.