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Specialists for specific wishes

Profiles in different industries have different specifications. Our advantage is that we know how to listen to the needs of each industry, realise the wishes of our customers and at the same time offer further processing of our products.

Impol manufactures profiles from more than 40 different alloys, dominated by AlMgSi (6xxx USA type) alloys. Given the intended use, profiles of the following tempers are manufactured: F, T1, T5 and T52.

An almost two hundred years of business tradition and manufacturing capacity are the basis for exporting the majority of its manufactured products to the most challenging European markets. This makes us a medium-sized European manufacturer and clearly indicates the competitive advantage of our company.

Impol manufactures profiles with a maximum 320 mm external diameter or circumscribed about circle. Walls are a minimum 1.2 mm or upon agreement also 1 mm thick. The maximum cross-section area (Amax) amounts to 11300 mm2. The quality and geometry of our products are inspected by the Romidot scanning/measuring device that facilitates a more precise inspection of dimensional tolerances compared to regular measuring instruments.

Intended uses

process industry
furniture industry
manufacture of motor vehicles
manufacture of construction elements
internal design
heat technology







Upon agreement with the customer, products can also be anodised in compliance with DIN and EN standards.