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Impol Group is certified by EN 9100

 The EN 9100 certificate was acquired in March 2019. The certificate is an internationally valid document and it is important for entering the aviation industry. The certificate was awarded by the accredited DQS certification house. The acquired certificate enables us to enter the demanding market of high quality products for the aviation industry. As the holder of the certificate we are recognized in the information system OASIS, where all the information on our certified production program is available to potential buyers.

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Annual report of Impol Group and of Impol 2000, d. d. for 2021

The audited annual report is included in the attached...

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Construction of a new, modern and technologically advanced foundry

On Wednesday, 5/1/2021, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the proposal for the decision on announcing the project “Reconstruction of the production process of Impol-TLM by...

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Everything you need to know about aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusions are an essential part of our homes, although many people do not even notice them. They are usually part of window or door systems, but the application does not stop there....

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Impol is heading toward a green economy

In line with global development, the Impol Group has also taken the path toward a green economy and is joining the European Green Deal, the objective of which is to make Europe climate neutral by...