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Impol aluminium in the first Slovenian satellite in space

The NEMO HD satellite is already orbiting the Earth

On Thursday, 3 September 2020 at 03:51 CEST, the Vega VV16 rocket carrying the first Slovenian satellites, Nemo HD and Trisat, was launched in French Guiana. The micro-satellite Nemo HD weighs 65 kilograms, while the nano-satellite Trisat weighs 4,5 kilograms.

The Nemo HD satellite was developed by the Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies Space-SI, and the Trisat satellite is a result of developments provided by the University of Maribor. Both satellites are active and enable work for the activation of all sets of the satellite according to a predefined protocol.

As the co-founder of the Slovenian Centre of Excellence Space-SI, Impol participated in the development of the NEMO HD micro-satellite and created the key structural parts for the largest sensor, a camera with a resolution of 2.5 metres from the height of 520 kilometres. With this project, Impol confirmed that, as a company, they are able to create components being used for the most demanding space technology. The parts built into the satellite have undergone extensive thermal fatigue testing, simulating the functioning of the satellite when it is turned towards the sun or located in the shadow. What followed were radiation tests, where the functioning of the parts was tested under solar radiation conditions. During the last extensive test, they also tested launch conditions, when the violent vibration of the rocket are influencing the satellite.

The launch of the Vega VV16 rocket took 53 satellites of different sizes into space, moving them into three orbits through three processes of separation from the supporting structure. There were no complications during the launch. The Nemo HD satellite was moved into the orbit during the first separation which took place after 40 minutes and 15,900 kilometres at the altitude of 520 kilometres, and the Trisat satellite was moved into the orbit during the third separation.

The rocket launch and the orbiting of the satellite were the culmination of a 10-year endeavour for Slovenia and its satellites to become a part of the “space family” which, in turn, consolidated Impol’s position as the manufacturer of parts for space applications.


6 times per day, the Nemo HD satellite flies over the Slovenian ground-based satellite communication station where it receives orders for its functioning and missions on other locations on Earth, and transfers the results of these missions.

The Nemo HD satellite will research a new concept of Earth observation through combining interactive real-time video clips and multi-spectral imaging.

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