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Construction of a new, modern and technologically advanced foundry

Strategic investment of the Impol Group in Impol-TLM in Šibenik

On Wednesday, 5/1/2022, the Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted the proposal for the decision on announcing the project “Reconstruction of the production process of Impol-TLM by increasing the production capacity for aluminium products by constructing a new foundry for aluminium slabs” as a strategic investment of the Republic of Croatia.  At Impol-TLM we have drawn up the documentation requiring the coordination of the environmental permit, the drainage and fire protection system, for which we have already obtained favourable opinions by competent authorities. The government’s decision means that we are a step closer to obtaining a building permit and to start constructing the new foundry.


This project was listed among possible strategic projects in August 2020 in accordance with the Strategic Investment Projects Act, and the objective of the Impol Group is to ensure further investments. Currently, however, the top priority is to complete the confirmed strategic project. The current agreement refers to the construction of a foundry with a value of approximately HRK 183 million, which will in its first stage ensure the Impol Group raw material independence, increased quality and improved cost efficiency. The project will be entirely financed by the Impol Group and the date for completing the first stage of the project is 31/12/2024.


In the last five years, the Impol Group carried out numerous upgrades and investments in Impol-TLM. A new furnace for heating and homogenising slabs inside the hot-rolling plant was installed, and the new end cutting line was put into commission.  Furthermore, we completed the upgrade of the hot-rolling plant by implementing artificial intelligence. We have also implemented numerous projects aimed at increasing the level of safety and health at work and fire protection.



With the project “Reconstruction of the production process of Impol-TLM by increasing the production capacity for aluminium products by constructing a new foundry for aluminium slabs” a modern and technologically advanced foundry will be set up in accordance with the best available technologies (BAT) on the market, having a capacity of 200,000 tonnes of aluminium slabs per year.  The project is of key importance for the reflow of our own and returnable aluminium waste material, which enables us suitable flexibility and increased added value by taking into consideration the new green technology for sustainable products (ASI standards).


We wish to thank all those who are involved in the project and who contributed to confirming the project as an extremely important one for a smooth continuation of the growth of the entire production process and further growth of the number of employees. We would like to convey our particular thanks to the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Dr. Tomislav Ćorić, the Mayor of Šibenik, Mr. Željko Burić, the Mayor of the Šibenik-Knin County, Dr. Sc. Marko Jelić and to the former Mayor, Mr. Goran Pauk, and to all the competent authorities, at the state and local level, which were involved in the process of strategically confirming this project.


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