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Recycling of aluminium

Secondary aluminium reprocessing is gaining importance in the world and is estimated to already exceed 20 million tonnes per year (Aluminium. Vol. 1–2, 2011). In the future, it is due to represent from 30 to 80 % of all raw materials used by various manufacturing programmes. It is of particular importance in Europe, where the quantity of primary aluminium is on the decrease in the wake of closure of electrolysis establishments.  

Impol has been aware of this fact for several years and has thus been following trends and increasing the use of secondary aluminium that requires recycling.

The aluminium recycling process facilitates the reuse of waste aluminium for manufacturing new products. Thus, 75 % of all aluminium produced since 1888 is still being applied. The exceptional advantage of such actions lies in the fact that the recycling process is much cheaper than the process pertaining to the extraction of aluminium from metal ore as the same amount requires 95 % less energy than the extraction of primary aluminium. The recycling process also does not deteriorate the quality of aluminium.