Education in Impol


Impol co-creates a “green revolution”

Energy is focused on recycling and thus on establishing several positive impacts on the environment: reducing the amount of waste, preserving natural resources, reducing environmental pollution, etc. This results in environmentally-friendly products from recycled materials whose manufacturing requires less energy and is thus more efficient.

The recycling system is being introduced on several levels. Our actions are planned so as to include the recycling process in all activities. Waste is handled responsibly and recycled as well as prepared for further processing in landfills and by registered customers. All legal provisions are observed, although the company at the same time strives to do something more to preserve our planet.

In terms of aluminium, the company has, during recent years, focused on waste aluminium reprocessing. Our aim is to increase the consumption of secondary raw materials until the upper threshold of our technical capacities is reached and to accordingly adapt technological procedures that will facilitate the manufacturing of top quality products. The company will simultaneously also promote the sales of secondary raw material products.

Aluminium recycling – interesting facts

    • The recycling process does not rob aluminium of its excellent properties.
    • The recycling process consumes only five percent of the energy that would else have been consumed for the manufacturing of the same amount of aluminium.
    • A recycled nowadays returns to shop aisles in as little as 60 days.

      Impol strengthens recycling technology

      Impol is increasing the share of remelted waste aluminium. An investment worth more than 15 million EUR was completed in 2013 for this very purpose, thus increasing manufacturing capacities and providing for a technology that facilitates waste aluminium remelting. The company also acquired appliances that provide for top quality products for our customers.