Local environment

Impol has been traditionally intertwined with the local environment for several decades. Due to our location, we are directly connected to the local population, bounding us to a responsible attitude towards our stakeholders.

Impol is aware of the fact that our company is of great importance for the development of the local environment, which is why decisions are made responsibly and by bearing in mind positive effects on our local environment.
    • The company regularly reduces its negative environmental impacts, mainly focusing on continuous reduction of noise
    • It invests in development and keeps increasing the number of posts.
    • Open days are organised and the interested public has the opportunity to visit our facilities.
    • The local public is regularly informed of important events, investments and the operating strategy of the company.
    • Local events that comply with our sponsorship strategy are sponsored by observing the following criteria: professionalism, seriousness and relevancy of the event for the development of the local environment.
    • Impol sponsors sports associations, the best-known among which being the Impol Judo Club that is resoundingly successful on the national and international level.