Excellence is not a single action but a habit

Efficient implementation of our environmental management programme constitutes an important benchmark of our operations. The company seeks to progressively reduce environmental impacts and to efficiently apply energy and other resources. The management regularly adopts environmental objectives written down in the environmental management programme and provides for resources for meeting them. By meeting environmental objectives, the company improves its environmental management and becomes more environmentally friendly on an annual basis.

During the last decade, several investments that have helped us reduce environmental impacts and meet certain sustainable objectives have been carried out according to the environmental management programme. The company also invests in training and raising awareness as it seeks to develop a responsible attitude of all personnel towards the environment. Aware of the fact that personnel must be continuously encouraged and, by setting a good example, directed towards more efficient environmental management, regular functional environmental management trainings are carried out.

Our environmental management system has been built in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard for which a certificate was acquired in 2000. Regular monitoring and recertification audits carried out by auditors of the BVQL certification house confirm that the environmental management system is appropriate, that it is implemented on all levels of activities and that environmental protection has seen constant improvements.

Did you know?

During the last two years, the Impol Group has invested EUR 2,799,135 in environmental protection.