Long-standing tradition and high flexibility

Rondal has a long-standing tradition in the manufacturing of all types of stamped and sawn slugs from pure aluminium and aluminium alloys. Slugs of various dimensions and shapes are applied in manufacturing of tubes, cans and technical parts in the automotive and other industries.  

Our advantage lies in flexible manufacturing and very short delivery periods. Smaller quantities and high-quality products resulting from long-standing experience and knowledge are also provided.  

Manufacturing process

Own foundry, stamping and sawing

The slugs manufacturing process begins by casting a narrow strip manufactured in our own foundry. The foundry manufactures narrow cast strip of various widths and from various alloys (EN AW 1070, EN AW 1050, EN AW 3102 and EN AW 3207) that are then hot- and cold-rolled to various thicknesses and coiled. Cold coils then constitute input raw material for stamping slugs on stamping machines. Five stamping machines are used (120–160 tonnes). Investments in more powerful stamping machines that would provide for stamping a thicker slugs programme are foreseen in the future. After the stamping process, slugs are soft annealed and surface treated. Surface treatment can be carried out by means of sandblasting or vibrating, depending on the customers' wishes. Surface treatment is followed by packing and storing as well as product dispatching to customers.

Slugs are also stamped from alloy EN AW 6082 and EN AW 3003, but the manufacturing process takes place in hot-rolled plates manufactured from rolling slabs.

Sawn slugs from extruded rods or bars and tubes are also manufactured in the manufacturing process, providing sawn slugs of various diameters and lengths. Sawn slugs are manufactured from a wide range of aluminium alloys (EN AW 1xxx, EN AW 3xxx, EN AW 5xxx, EN AW 6xxx and EN AW 7xxx).

Intended uses

Our slugs can be applied to a wide variety of purposes, as they are reprocessed in various industries such as:

    • Food industry;
    • Cosmetics industry;
    • Pharmaceutical industry;
    • Electrical industry;
    • Automotive industry.