Extruded Products

Impol is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of extruded products, including rods, tubes and pipes, profiles and sections. Our advantage lies in the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that has been subject to further improvements and extensions during recent years. Our products also stand out in terms of technical superiority and meeting high quality standards. Through constant development and cooperation with casting experts, special alloys are developed jointly with our customers, allowing for above-standard mechanical properties.

Our commitment to quality is also acknowledged by renowned customers engaged in the automotive, aircraft and space industries. The company possesses the ability to process large orders and to grant short delivery periods to its customers.

Manufacturing process

The product manufacturing process is adjusted to the intended use thereof. Products may be thus manufactured by means of extrusion, drawing and heat treatment procedures.

Hot extrusion is a process during which the heated material (log) is heated to a temperature about 10 °C below the solidus temperature. The material applied for extrusion is 100 % automatically controlled by means of an ultrasonic device that facilitates ultrasonic control of billets in compliance with the AMS-MIL-STD-2154, Class B and A, and ASTM B594, Class B and A, standards. Logs are extruded by means of a hydraulic extrusion press through a steel matrix. The dimensions and shape of the product depend on the shape of the matrix aperture. Extrusion is conducted by means of two procedures, namely direct and indirect extrusion. The procedure sees the application of various instruments (matrices) that may be either flat or contain a pre-chamber, which applies to rods in particular, whereas hollow profiles and sections see the application of porthole dies, by means of which seamed products are extruded; seamless products (tubes and pipes) are extruded by means of a mandrel.

The rod, tube and pipe, profile and section manufacturing process encompasses operations that facilitate the manufacturing of high-quality, heat-treated products: homogenisation and grinding, heating and pressing on state-of-the-art presses, cold and hot working and strengthening and cutting to length.

The manufacturing process includes various direct extrusion presses whose rated output amounts to 12 to 55 MN and one indirect extrusion press whose rated output amounts to 35 MN. The following dimensions can be extruded: 8 to 180 mm for rods and maximum 320 mm for profiles and sections with a circumscribed about circle.

Cold working (drawing) of products takes place on standard drawing machines and continuous drawing lines (drawing, straightening, cutting to length). Impol manufactures extruded and drawn rods, tubes and pipes, profiles and sections in all standard dimensions in compliance with international standards.
Special attention is paid to stress-free states of materials, to free-cutting alloys (machining) and to forging rods. At the request of the customer, products can be 100% ultrasonic controlled after the manufacturing process has been completed.

Alloy groups

The aforementioned products are manufactured from alloys divided into two groups: free-cutting alloys and groups of other aluminium alloys.

Free-cutting alloys

Groups of aluminium alloys

Products can also be provided in compliance with other standards or as agreed with the customer.

They are manufactured bearing in mind their intended use by means of extrusion, drawing and heat treatment. The aforementioned standards apply to these treatment methods as well