Types of blanks

The company offers a wide range of products

Impol offers a very wide range of blanks, including blanks known as D-parts, indicating products that are of vital importance for safety and must be supported with appropriate documentation. Blanks are distinguished by dimensional precision and good mechanical properties.


Most of our blanks are manufactured for motorcycles. High-quality blanks are supplied to all European motorcycle manufactures. They are distinguished by a seamless appearance that is also of vital importance.

Blanks for compressors

A large share of manufacturing is intended for compressor parts, especially for cooler compressors. The main blanks for compressors are connecting rods and valve housings.

Cycling industry

Aluminium blanks have formed part of bicycle manufacturing for several decades, constituting an excellent compromise between mechanical properties and component weight. At the same time, they are also much more economical than certain composite materials such as carbon. The most important blank for the cycling industry is the pedal lever.

Automotive industry

The fast-growing application of aluminium parts in cars is also reflected at Impol, which has been increasing its number of blanks manufactured for new and state-of-the-art cars on an annual basis. The company cooperates with small-scale manufacturers of luxury cars for which we are more than happy to seek unique solutions.
Impol manufactures safety components for engines, suspensions, transmissions and braking systems. Blanks are tailored to the demands of our customers.

Other blanks

Blanks for other industries, most importantly the sports requisite and arms industry among others, also constitute a significant share of products. Tailored blanks that require a great deal of flexibility and a quick response are manufactured for the two aforementioned industries.

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