Corporative presentation

General Conditions of Purchase

  1. Validity: These general purchasing conditions are valid for all orders/contracts issued by any company of Group Impol and they are valid for all suppliers.
  2. Orders, Contracts: Impol orders/contracts are valid only if they are issued in written form. Supplier is obliged to confirm the order/contract in written form within 7 days after receipt. Any change on supplier's confirmation means, that Impol order/contract is not valid anymore and it is mentioned as a new offer of supplier.  
  3. Prices: Prices, put on Impol orders/contracts are firm and deviations are not possible. In the case of orders/contracts for Aluminium, LME QP is fixed as per prior agreement and order/contract includes only conditions of LME QP Formulation. It is not necessary that LME price is already fixed when the order/contract is closed.
  4. Delivery Dates: The delivery dates agreed with the supplier are binding. For each deviation of contractual agreed delivery date, the supplier is obliged to receive written approval by Impol. In the case there is a delay in delivery date, Impol has a right to cancel order/contract or to settle accounts with penalty of 1% per each week of delay and max 5 % totally. In the case of prior delivery, Impol has a right to reject the acceptance of the goods.
  5. Contractual Quantity: Deliveries are accepted with a difference to contractual quantity of max 2% more or less on a monthly basis.
  6. Physical Acceptance of Material: Impol is executing the physical acceptance of goods/material from Monday - Thursday between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. each Friday between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m. Acceptance on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday days are not possible. For each physical acceptance out of these days, the supplier is obliged to get prior confirmation by Impol.
  7. Documentation for Acceptance: Material must be always accompanied by packing list and for Aluminium also Quality Certificate is obliged. In the case, there are some other documentaion or samples required, this is agreed by order/contract.
  8. Invoicing: Invoicing is executing as per each order/contract number. Each Invoice is accompanied by packing lists, which must be signed by Impol responsible person, who accept the material/service. In the case of partial deliveries, the invoice can be issued after last delivery id done. Partial deliveries are not allowed without prior agreement. 
  9. Delivery Execution - Risk Transfer: Deliveries are executed after receipt of goods on agreed parity by Impol,his forwarding agent or transporter (Incoterms 2010)
  10. Quality: Quality is agreed with order/contract where all necessary documentation, drawings, standards and technical description of goods are mentioned and supplier is obliged to follow these customer's demands.
  11. Claim of quantity and quality: Impol  is obliged to claim received quantity prompt after receipt of goods, but latest within 5 working days after receipt of goods and unsuitable quality will be claimed by Impol prompt after determination, but latest within 6 months after delivery.Each supplier is obliged to cover all costs caused by the claim as well as preparing corrective measurements within 30 days after receipt of claim.
  12. Cancellation – suspension of order/contracts: In the case, the contract is cancelled because of the reasons caused by the supplier and the reason for cancellation is not »force  majeure« (bankruptcy, political disorders, natural disasters), the supplier is obliged to cover all costs of Impol cover purchasing. In the case of Aluminium, the supplier is covering also the difference between contractual and market LME price, if market LME price is higher when the contract is cancelled.
  13. Applicable Law: Contractual parties will aspire to solve all problems peacefully and if not, the Court in Maribor, Slovenia is competent, if it is not agreed otherwise by the Contract.
  14. General Conditions of Service Works: The execution of the work can start only after prior agreement with the responsible person of Impol. Supplier is obliged to consider  all valid legislation in Slovenia and all instructions received by Impol. The works can be executed by competent workers or subsuppliers only.
  15. Safety and Health at Work: Supplier is obliged to consider rules of safe work and to apply  all necessary protective equipment./Supplier must protect and mark the working area./At height work the supplier is obliged to prevent movements under the working area, to secure and mark working area as well as ensure safe movements of cargos/When the work is executed, the supplier is obliged to remove all  markings, clean the area and install safety devices and fences. In the case of work at  electrical devices, the supplier is obliged to close and lock the doors of control switch.
  16. Environmental Issues:

  • All wastes must be collected and removed from the Impol area by a supplier
  • Polluted water is prohibited to pour into the outflows and it must be treated as a waste.
  • Supplier is obliged to use dangerous substances very carefully and prevent any possible accidents.