Systematic occupational health and safety management since as early as 2000

The occupational health and safety policy is adopted by the Board after consulting all management structures in the group. The first occupational health and safety policy was adopted by the Impol Group Board in December 2000. The management then bound itself to continuously improve health and safety of personnel and to observe and comply with the requirements of the law in force. The occupational health and safety policy constitutes a framework for action in compliance with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001 standard and a basis for setting occupational health and safety objectives. The policy has been posted at key locations in the organisation.

Occupational health and safety management policy content

The health and safety of personnel with access to the working area is a value that cannot be obtained or purchased, which is why we are responsible to preserve their health and safety. Everyone working under the supervision of the organisation must be aware of their obligations brought about by occupational health and safety.  

The Impol Group is aware of the fact that occupational health and safety provide for the satisfaction of our personnel and the general public, thus it strives to continuously reduce risks resulting from our current actions. Impol is also committed to preventing injuries and physical harm as well as to continuously improving occupational health and safety management, striving to consistently generate better results and effects. Adopted measures seek to provide for the ability to work of our personnel throughout their entire active age.

Planning new activities includes the selection of more health-friendly solutions that do not jeopardise the safety of our personnel.
The occupational health and safety management system has been incorporated into all processes of Impol Group companies, where it is subject to further development.

Our basic principles

    • The permanent commitment of our management to protect health and to provide for occupational safety is reflected in conferring competencies and responsibilities to process owners, professional associates and a doctor. Regular inspections provide for efficient implementation of health protection activities and adequacy of occupational health and safety policy principles, bearing in mind changes in Impol Group companies.
    • Occupational health and safety objectives aim to progressively introduce safer and more health-friendly procedures in compliance with our technological and financial capacities and by observing the principle of economy.
    • Our duty is to observe legal provisions referring to the organisation and other requirements it has consented to.
    • The implementation of the occupational health and safety programme has been included in our short- and long-term plans and funds for this purpose are provided. Annual specification of new occupational health and safety tasks provides for continuous improvements.
    • All personnel are trained based on their activities in the working process, which is how Impol guarantees that they are more concerned about their health and safety. All personnel are bound to be familiar with and to implement occupational health and safety principles.
    • The Impol Group is open to initiatives of all interested parties with regard to research and resolving occupational health and safety related issues. Information on our efforts and achievements are available to our personnel and the public.
    • By having adopted an occupational health and safety policy, Impol has undertaken to protect occupational health and to provide for occupational safety. Our efforts are reflected mainly in:
    - promoting occupational health as a prevention action tool,
    - changing technological procedures by replacing hazardous procedures with less hazardous ones,
    - reducing time exposure of personnel exposed to adverse physical factors,
    - applying input material that pose less of a burden to the working environment and consequently also to the health and safety of our personnel,
    - applying hazardous substances in a limited, controlled and prudent way,
    - making sure that personnel handling hazardous substances during work are qualified and obtain all the necessary information to protect themselves, others and the environment,
    - marking hazardous and security restricted areas with special designations,
    - periodically testing theoretical and practical qualifications of personnel with regard to safe work at the work place,
    - periodically examining physical and chemical hazards at the workplace,
    - carrying out regular medical check-ups,
    - preventing social risks by focusing on stress and risks pertaining to psychoactive substance dependence,
    - aspiring to reduce the occupational accident rate,
    - monitoring the health status of personnel,
    - periodically examining working equipment,
    - efficiently applying the prescribed protective equipment.

    The written down occupational health and safety policy is available to the general public.