Assuming responsibility for the future of our planet

Impol has paid special attention to environmentally-friendly actions for several decades, successfully completing its first environmental project as early as 1984. Our commitment to reduce environmental impacts is closely linked to our commitment to the local environment based on which pleasant living conditions are co-created for our personnel and the surrounding population. During the last three decades, technological improvements have facilitated successful completion of various projects that have significantly reduced environmental impacts.  

The company works with nature and not against it, selects environmentally-friendly solutions and expects its suppliers, external contractors and business partners to act the same.

Certificate ISO 14001

Our commitment to protect the environment is also demonstrated by the ISO 14001 standard acquired in 2000.

Policy of the Impol Group

The first environmental policy was adopted in May 1999. By adopting it, the management made a commitment to continuously improve and prevent pollution and to observe and meet requirements laid down by law and regulations in force as well as other requirements. The environmental policy serves as a framework for acting in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and as a basis for setting environmental protection objectives. 

By adopting an environmental policy, the company has made a commitment to act responsibly as well as has turned environmental protection into a continuous activity adapted and amended in the light of changes. The company cooperates successfully with the local community in that regard as well. 

From Policy of the Impol Group:


Contributing to preserving natural resources by recycling secondary raw materials and by using all raw materials responsibly. A special emphasis will be given to decreasing the usage of energy sources, which will be achieved with constant investment into energy efficient machines. 

Gradually investing into the best available production methods, introducing safer and health friendlier procedures in accordance with our technological and financial capabilities, and considering the principles of economy.

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