Education in Impol


Encouraging a two-way flow of information

Internal communications play a special role in the Impol Group. Communications with personnel in the Slovenian part of the group are carried out by means of the following tools: the Metalurg internal newspaper (6 issues per year), the Metalurgov Poročevalec monthly information newsletter (12 issues), message boards and website.

The Metalurg internal newspaper has been published since as early as 1964. Its basic purpose is to inform and educate personnel of the Slovenian part of the Impol Group and to promote their commitment towards the organisation. In 2011, its design and content were revised, bringing it closer to a more modern design. Great attention was also paid to the content of articles, adapting them to our target readers even more.

Information is transmitted via other channels such as message boards, our website, works council meetings and also meetings with trade unions.

The Seval internal newsletter is published six times a year in Serbia, informing personnel of events and operations. The Informator is also published once monthly, informing personnel of current business results. Where necessary, business brochures containing adopted acts and decisions are also published. Other information channels are message boards, notifications of the trade union and the Occupational Health and Safety Board. The content of the Informator was revised last year, adding a wider range of information.