Management Board installed in office

Slovenska Bistrica, 6. 1. 2015

The first (constituent) session of Impol 2000, d.d.'s Management Board held on 2 January 2015 was attended by all its four members appointed on 11 July 2014 by Impol 2000, d.d.'s General Assembly: Jernej Čokl, Vladimir Leskovar, Janko Žerjav and Milan Cerar. Jernej Čokl (the former Chairman of the Management Board of the Impol 2000, d.d. Group) was elected Chairman. Vladimir Leskovar was appointed Deputy Chairman, both for a 3-year term.

The Management Board also appointed two Executive Directors who are not Members of the Management Board. Edvard Slaček was appointed CEO and Irena Šela was appointed Executive Director of Finance. Both were appointed for a 3-year term. They were vested with the following duties and functions: management of everyday business and accounts and drawing up an annual and consolidated report.

The Management Board also adopted the following documents: Rules of Procedure of the Management Board, Rules on Elections to the Representative Board of Impol Group Employees (RBIGE), Agreement between Impol 2000, d.d. and the Representative Body of Impol Group Employees. The fifth member of the Management Board to represent employees is expected to be appointed in the near future by the ten elected members of the RBIGE.

The Management Board also appointed an Audit Committee and an Internal Auditor and laid down decision-making in all Impol Group subsidiaries and Impol 2000, d.d. share sales transaction procedures.