Rods, Bars and Tubes

Our high-end manufacturing programme facilitates the manufacturing of high-quality aluminium and aluminium alloy rods and bars. Our own casting capacities that exceed 78.000 tonnes increase our flexibility by being able to manufacture a wide range of alloys that help us attain excellent mechanical product properties. Impol possesses the ability to manufacture rods, tubes and pipes out of more than 100 different chemical compositions.

Rods and bars are manufactured from billets cast by the company itself and 100% ultrasonic controlled after the homogenisation process, providing for the quality of our products when applied in the most demanding industries such as the automotive, aircraft and space industries.

Impol has mastered demanding manufacturing operations such as cold working (drawing) of products on standard drawing machines and continuous drawing lines. Rods and bars in all standard dimensions in compliance with international standards are manufactured. Special attention is paid to harder alloys, stress-free states of materials, free-cutting alloys (machining) and blanks.

Wide range of alloys

Impol manufactures a wide range of alloy families and material tempers. The company offers semi-finished goods of a wide range of dimensions and shapes. Impol also manufactures environmentally-friendly alloys in compliance with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) and ELV (End of Life Vehicles Directive). Products can be either extruded or drawn. In order to provide customers with maximum support and to comply with market requirements, the following alloys have been registered with the Aluminum Association: 2028A, 2028B, 2044, 2041, 2045, 2007B, 6028, 6064 and 2011. Impol also manufactures 6023, 6026 and 6262A alloys as well as other alloys containing lead for free-cutting alloys.  

Alloy groups

The aforementioned products are manufactured from alloys divided into two groups: free-cutting alloys and groups of other aluminium alloys.

Free-cutting alloys

Groups of aluminium alloys

Products can also be provided in compliance with other standards or as agreed with the customer.

They are manufactured bearing in mind their intended use by means of extrusion, drawing and heat treatment. The aforementioned standards apply to these treatment methods as well.

Dimensions - rods

Round rods

Hexagonal rods

Square rods

Flat rods

Dimensions - tubes



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