Consumer Goods

Creating an active lifestyle

Customers help us develop various profiles and sections applied in various sports activities both on the top-class, competitive as well as leisure time recreational level. These products are present in sports areas or disciplines that include, for example, cycling (Impol manufactures various rim profiles and sections), handball and football (goal frame profiles and sections), swimming (profiles and sections intended for swimming pool roof constructions), various fitness equipment parts ... Sports and leisure time products of a profile and section or other form (rods, tubes and pipes, etc.) can be applied in an unrestricted and universal manner and are extremely helpful for everyone wishing to exercise and release their inner tensions after a hard working day.

Products for the manufacture of consumer goods

  • Profiles
  • Blanks
  • Foils
  • Sheets
  • Tread Plates
    Tread Plates
  • Discs
  • Strips
  • Prepainted Products
    Prepainted Products