Production process

Manufacturing process

The hot drop forging process starts by cutting aluminium rods to suitable lengths and is followed by heating blanks to a certain temperature in order to loosen the crystal structure and to increase the deformability of the material. This is followed by the hot drop forging process whereby the forging temperature depends on the aluminium alloy used. When forging is completed, forgings are trimmed and heat treated. Further workings may be carried out on the forged products, such as: leaching, vibratory finishing, sandblasting or machining.

Manufacturing takes place on six forging lines. The force ranges from 0.45 to 1.3 MN. During the forging process, aluminium blanks are heated by gas reheating furnaces. The average weight of forgings varies between 0.05 to 5 kg. A wide range of aluminium alloys is used for forging – from 2000 to 7075.

Tools are manufactured in cooperation with toolmakers that grant short delivery periods and good quality, thus increasing our flexibility, which constitutes a prerequisite for competitiveness on the market.

All processes are carefully planned, carried out and controlled. Manufacturing is controlled by means of statistical methods. The ISO 9001 standard was introduced in 2002 to improve the quality management system.

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