Seeking new ideas, believing in the power of knowledge

Impol focuses on introducing changes, implementing improvements and seeking new opportunities, the latter also managed successfully by means of our long-standing partnership  with universities, institutes and other development organisations that help us achieve synergic development effects. Institutes are allowed to use our equipment – the natural laboratory – for their research assignments that help us acquire new knowledge that is subsequently applied in our manufacturing processes. Impol has participated in numerous R&D  projects that have contributed to the progress of science as well as empowered us with practical tools for better quality work and for achieving excellent business results.

Our most important partners are:

  • Faculty of Natural and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana,
  • Institute of Metals and Technology ,
  • “Jožef Stefan” Institute – Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies,
  • Slovenian Research Agency.

dr. Peter Cvahte 
T: 00386 2 845 39 07